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In 2013, a chance encounter with a wildlife photographer, Gururaj Moorching, and his friends, changed 20-year-old Musa Khan’s life. Buddha Ram, a forest guard at Desert National Park (DNP), Rajasthan, had requested Khan to drive his guests through the park. Khan at the time did odd jobs around the park.

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Musa Khan is one of the most renowned wildlife safari guides at the Desert National Park. A registered and certified guide, he has the reputation of working with prominent wildlife photographers and naturalists. Famous ornithologists and conservationists also rely on Musa Khan’s expertise to ensure sightings of rare birds and other species inhabiting the unique ecosystem of the Desert National Park.

Acting as a link between the forest department and the villagers, he has helped to create awareness about wildlife among the locals. Born on February 2, 1994, in Nimba village inside the Desert National Park, to Suni Begum and Barsi Khan. He has three brothers and three sisters and he lives with his wife and two children. As a local belonging to this area, he had an understanding of the ecology. And his interest in bird watching gradually developed into a passion as he honed his skills to recognise more than 200 varieties of birds.

In 2013, Musa Khan used to do odd jobs around the Desert National Park. A sudden encounter with Gururaj Moorching, a famous wildlife photographer, changed his life. He drove the photographer and his friends through the park and spotted few birds. It became a turning point in his life and later in 2015, when the forest department organised a training for tourist guides, Khan became a top performer. Over the last 6 years, he has become a sought after guide at the park.

Khan is not only aware of the behavioural patterns, migratory movements and basic ecological requirements of most birds found in the Desert National Park, he often helps experts identify similar varieties of birds based on plumage differences. Besides, he is renowned for spotting migratory birds and rare species that are hard to find throughout the year. With his thorough understanding of breeding seasons and other necessary information about various animals, he can help tourists easily spot different species.

Musa Khan is now a popular name amongst birdwatchers. He is in great demand during the winters, particularly between November and March. A lot of people rely on his expertise to plan their trips to the Desert National Park. Therefore, they make bookings only when Khan is free! He generally accompanies groups of 2 to 8 people for 1 to 3 days.

Do you want to be enthralled by the mesmerising beauty of the Desert National Park, Rajasthan? Get in touch with Musa Khan now at +91 9929663413.

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