Experience the Jaisalmer Jeep Safari Ride & Camping in Dunes

It is said that the desert is the extension of the inner silence of your mind and body. You will see the vast stretches of dunes till the point where your sight allows. When it comes to exploring a desert, tourists choose a jeep safari in Desert National Park at Jaisalmer, one of the prominent locations in India.

The desert national park at Jaisalmer encompasses an area of 3162 sq km. It is a place where the camel is the source of energy and sand dunes are the attraction. Imagine an evening outside the tent with a bonfire to beat cold and enjoy Ghoomar dance on Rajasthani folk songs.

Moreover, local delicacies will be like a cherry on the cake. The vast sand stretch shares its area with the India-Pakistan border. A camel ride with a tour guide is available for your help. If you are the one planning to view and feel the entire desert ecosystem, Jaisalmer desert safari welcomes you.

Night Safari & Stay At Jaisalmer

After discovering the hot and sultry afternoon via Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer, it's time to explore the chilly evenings. Be ready to witness another phase of desert life where you are covered with thick sweaters and jackets in your tent. The night is cold and chilly air pierces your body.

A bonfire, a plate full of Rajasthani delicacies (prefer non-vegetarian), and the group dance on local songs to entertain you! That's the nightlife. Do not be in illusion that tents have only basic facilities.

There are luxury tents to welcome you having premium facilities like that of a three-four star hotel. After the Jaisalmer jeep safari trip, you can relax in your tent.

A desert park is a place where tourists can enjoy it wholeheartedly. The best time to visit Desert Park is from October to March. However, it is crowded with tourists across the globe throughout the year. Book your package and be ready to traverse a part of the Thar Desert that allures a million tourists every year.

Jeep Safari In Jaisalmer

After the camel safari, the most popular activity is the Jeep Safari that takes you through the sand dunes. The jeep size accommodates 4X4 with an open roof. You can feel the gush of warm wind on your face and enjoy sightseeing for hours. The jeep safari will start from 5-6 am to capture the sunrise view. It will take you on a tour to Desert National Park, Sam Sand Dunes, and the fossil park. The sunset scene is also captured around 6-7 PM. Some packages contain an overnight stay in the nearest village to know about their lifestyle away from the modern and digital world. You can also enjoy a musical evening with popular folk dance. The morning hours for the jeep safari are from 7:00 AM to 12 PM and 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. It can be started early to capture the sunrise view.

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari Price

The Desert national safari park charges are Rs. 5000 per day for Indians and $100 per day for Non-Indians. If you are looking for desert Safari Rates for a short time duration like for an hour or two, you need to spend Rs 2000. However, the rates can vary depending on which platform you book your jeep safari package. Multiple portals offer a complete package of jeep safari, desert safari, tent stay, and Sam dunes tour. They are economical.

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FAQ’s on Jaisalmer Jeep Safari

  • Is there any specific instruction before starting Safari?

    Not as such! However, there are a few things that you need to carry with you. They are a hat, sunglasses, plenty of water sources to hydrate yourself, and sunscreen lotion. These will help you to protect your body from heat.

  • Can I choose to stay overnight in the village or in any tent to explore Rajasthan culture?

    Yes! Many villages in Rajasthan are still untouched by the modern technical and advanced world. It will be an enriching experience. If staying overnight is not included in your package, you can tell your tour guide or the company to manage the stay. Choose your package wisely

  • How can You reach Jaisalmer for this amazing experience?

    You can book your ticket to Jaisalmer station via Indian Railways, or board a flight to Jodhpur airport. Jaisalmer does not have an airport.

  • What else can you do in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan?

    Apart from safari, you can visit Jaisalmer Fort, Jain temples, and boating at Gadisar Lake. You can also try quad biking in sand dunes, dune bashing, and shopping in the Jaisalmer local market. It is famous for handicrafts and hand-woven dresses.

  • Is a night stay in a tent or village safe for tourists?

    Relax! Jaisalmer is a completely safe city for tourists. The city treats guests like God.

  • Want to bash dunes and make everlasting memories?

    If yes, then book your tickets to Jaisalmer and get a tour package ready for a thrilling journey to the vast stretches of sand. Jaisalmer welcomes you!

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