Wildlife Safari at Desert National Park

If you are a nature lover and want to spend an adventurous holiday, a wildlife safari at Desert National Park can be an ideal trip. Located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, it is home to exotic animals and birds. Covering an extensive area of 3000 square kilometres, the biodiversity of the Thar Desert is visible here in its full glory.

Home to the black buck, chinkara, desert fox, sand grouse, blue bull, desert gerbil etc. – it is a place to explore nature’s creation at its very best. The endangered Great Indian Bustard can also be spotted here and during the winter months, it becomes the abode of migratory birds like the Saker Falcon, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Eurasian and Himalayan Griffon Vultures.

Tourists can book wildlife safaris to the park and take the 12km trail running through the desert. It passes through the habitats of various animal species, allowing tourists to get a glimpse of hard to spot animals and birds. Registered wildlife safari guides accompany tourists during the trip. The guides are generally residents of villages inside the park and have received adequate training from the forest department.

With an in-depth knowledge of local ecosystems, the guides allow tourists to completely indulge in an experience of a lifetime. Whether you choose to enjoy an enthralling jeep safari through the dunes or want to explore the area atop a camel, it can be an exhilarating trip if you hire the best desert wildlife safari guide (Musa Khan). The jeeps used for the safari are registered with the forest department and you need to get in touch with a guide to book one. Outside vehicles are strictly prohibited inside the Desert National Park.

If you are planning a trip, November to March is the most appropriate time for the safari. The weather is pleasant during this time and plenty of birds and animals can be spotted around the area. You can reach Jaisalmer, Rajasthan by road, rail or air. Make your bookings beforehand to avoid a rush during the peak season.

Hire Musa Khan

Musa Khan, a young guide from the Desert National Park, is one of the most sought after bird guides in the park. With his vast knowledge of local species, their habitats and other useful information, he allows tourists to spot rare birds during the ‘birding season’ between October and March. He can recognise over 200 bird species and let you know about their behaviour patterns, basic ecological requirements, migratory movement and differences in plumage.

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Even expert birdwatchers rely on him to differentiate between similar species of birds. He can look at birds and find out extremely minute variations. Therefore, he is renowned among birdwatchers from around the country. He knows when to find a bird and where to take the tourists to guide them appropriately. As a result, with Khan you can expect the most delightful sights on your safari.

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Musa Khan acts almost like an ambassador for the forest department and liaises with the villagers to conduct meetings or plan conservation activities. After receiving training from the forest department, he has left no stone unturned to gather as much knowledge as possible. With years of experience and an added advantage of living in a village within the Desert Park, he knows every inch of the landscape very well. As a result, forest officials often rely on his knowledge and expertise to spot problematic issues within the park.

To make your wildlife safari at Desert National Park truly memorable, hire the best desert wildlife safari guide (Musa Khan). He is also popular on social media and you can check out recent posts with amazing images of the diverse flora and fauna of the Desert National Park.

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